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Conquered is a 2D side scrolling strategy and resource management game where you control Lapu-lapu, our young conqueror, as he tries to defend his village from creatures coming from deep within the forests and other hostile tribes. 

You can recruit tribesmen and give them equipment to defend your village, build walls to protect your people and gather resources.

Once you've gathered a large enough army you can rally your people and hunt down the monsters or defeat the other tribes.

Once you leave your home your journey would start as the young conqueror, conquering from island to island with different creatures, and different tribes to see and conquer.

The game is set in the early 1500s from the Visayan islands of the Philippines

Controls / Gameplay
- A and D or analog stick - go left and right.
- LMB / A/ Shift - tap to drop coin, hold to spend on actions (shops, chop tree).
- RMB/ B / Hold alt -  to sprint
- Esc/Start - pause

- Drop coins to hire tribesmen
- Hold LMB/A to pay coins at highlighted structures
- Give them spears to start gathering gold
- Give them hammers to build and repair walls

Follow the development tasks through trello boards:

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